Landry Wanless

Hello my name is Landry Wanless or as some of my friends call me Laundry. I am 16 years old. I am from Wauseon,

I am the oldest of 7 kids. and there names are as listed;

I was in the marching band, but with the time of practies was conflicting with the time of here at four county. so I was unable to continue with it.

I also have a dog she is a full breed Cane Corso. Her name is Via, also I have her mom and sister, her mom's name is Athena, and her sisters name is Nala.

I am now enrolled at four County Career Center and my lab is computer programing and game design and my lab instruter is Mr. Geiger and one of my favorite sites is YouTube.

Now You Know all about me

Northwest State College Credits
Course Name Course Number Credits
Database Management CIT109 4
C# Programming CIT109 4
Java Programming CIT165 3
Python Programming EET107 4
Internet Scriping CIT108 4
Computer Operations CIT191 3
Optional Courses
Microsoft Apps CIT114 3
CCP Math Elective 3
Composition 1 ENG111 3