About Connor Glisson


Me and my family live in Liberty Center. I have three cats named Lynx, Tinkerbell, and Littles. I also have one dog named Emma. My parents are Samantha and Kyle Taylor. I have two brothers named Aiden and Landon. My grandparents are Bill and Betty Etter as well as Jimmy and Marcia Taylor. I also have a plethora of cousins which I rarely ever see but Madison and Jace are the ones I see the most. This is my family.


I have many hobbies besides playing video games. One of these hobbies includes writing which I am curently in the process of writing a book. Another hobbie of mine is drawing but I primarilly do sketches and designs of robots , survival equipment and spacecraft. The most common thing I do is read I am primarilly in fantasy fiction but I also enjoy science fiction. I also enjoy playing board games that have some form of tactic and strategy. These are my hobbies.


I have quite a few interests that don't fit into the hobbies category. I enjoy walking around the track next to our house. I also like to help my dad fix cars. I am also able to sew and use a sewing machine. I also like to just do nothing every now and then when I don't have anything to do.

Other Interests

  • Building Things
  • Working On Cars
  • Making Board Games
  • Cooking
  • Fixing Things
  • Traveling
  • Sleeping
  • Programing
  • Robotics
  • Just Sitting and Thinking

My Games

  • Battle Pong
  • Automaton
  • College Credit Plus
    Course Name Course Number Credits
    Database Management CIT109 4
    C# Programming CIT161 4
    Java Programming CIT165 4
    Python Programming EET107 3
    Internet Scripting CIT108 4
    Computer Operations CIT191 3
    Optional Courses
    Microsoft Apps CIT114 3
    CCP Math Elective 3
    Composition I ENG111 3

    These are all of the websites that you can find me, my work, or both.