Once just a school girl given powers by the gods of the old universe to be the most chrismatic person in the universe. After becoming so chrismatic she could tell anyone what to do, she decided to also become so proficiant with everything ever. She started getting quests from her father, who was actually the grim reaper, along with 2 solo missions she also had a great team: Osiris the greatest Inventor of all time, Darrel the most dedicated cult leader, Garret the most stealthy being ever, and later Jacob a being that could heal all mortal wounds and dieases. Hana went on to another universe with the rest to be gods. She later had children that became that dozens of gods of this world.

The greatest inventor of all time. Osiris was a Warforged that seeked knowledge on the ability to craft anything. He quickly became the best of all crafts and seeked more, he was then picked up by the grim reaper to do quests and make objects beyond mortality. Eventually while tinkering in his lab he accidentally made a whole new universe. At that point Hell broke loose on the planet and the world started burning. The Grim Reaper brought them all together one last time to fight the gods destroying their planet. After promptly destroying those gods this team was forced into that universe that he made, and he was deemed the god of creation and even technically the god of gods.

Once the greatest cult leader of Tiamat. Darrel was a dragonborn who defended the world from the grave dangers of bahamut. He made his own crown of Tiamat that combined all the original ones, He also face tanked a tarrasque and things that were much stronger, including the world destroying gods. When Osiris made the new universe he was deemed the god of devotion and protection.

The never found man. There is only one creature in the world that is more stealthy then this man, and that thing should never be revealed. Garret was given ultimate powers of being hidden forever and never ever be found. Along with being give power of over sharing and even stealing other peoples actions. Before he became a god in this world, he was a part of Hana's team. And before that he was a "hero" but when brought before The Grim Reaper he seemed dishonorable and the Reaper seeked to change that. When he was brought to the new universe he was deemed god of stealth and communism

The late added healer of the universe. Hunter had a much slower time before joining The Grim Reapers team. He was a defender of many towns up in old europe and saved thousands of people from death with his healing touch. After finally becoming powerful enough The Grim Reaper Stole him to heal his own team and make sure the world ending events wouldn't kill anyone. He was also well practiced in the ways of nature in order to make sure the world stayed alive as well. When he was brought to the new universe he was deemed the god of life