Comedy over the generations has changed greatly. It has taken good turns and bad turns. Sometimes it gets good and other times it just gets worse. The internet has not helped it. In most cases it makes comedy worse. Most of comedy now is generated through memes, while there are still traditional cases of comedians and actors a large majority of comedy is made by memes. Some of these memes are actually funny, some are just plain dumb, some are cryptic with higher meaning, some are just a cover for someones pain. Now a days people will make just about anything a meme, no matter if its highly offensive or political, people will make it into a meme if they feel like it.


Hide the pain Harold

This is Harold. Harold was just a man, a simple man who would pose is strange stock images and get paid a lot of money for them. Now he is one of the most iconic memes ever. Someone has taken him and made him into a very wide variety of memes, there is a meme of Harold in almost every genre. Poor poor harold.